St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church


The Parish of Saint Thomas the Apostle is pleased to take part and celebrate with you this very special moment in your life and ask our GOD, Good Father, to forever bestow on you his grace and love.

Parents need to visit the parish office in person:
1. Fill an application 4 weeks before the date they wish to baptize the child.
2. Parents and Sponsors need to attend a Pre-Baptismal class held at Saint Thomas the Apostle Church at 2760 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90006. Classes are every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. (We do not offer child care and punctuality is a must)
3. If the child is older than 6 months, a BIRTH CERTIFICATE is required. However; if the child is 6 months or younger, you only need to present a HOSPITAL CERTIFICATE.
4. We ask for a $50 donation that must be provided when filing for This holy Sacrament. If you only wish to attend our Pre-Baptismal Class and have the ceremony at another parish, we only ask for a $30 donation.

Ceremonies take place Saturdays at 2:30 PM & 1st and 3rd Sundays at 2:45 PM.

First Holy Communion

For more specific information, please contact the Religious Education Office at: (323) 737- 5624


For more specific information, please contact the Religious Education Office at: (323) 737- 5624


Saturdays 5:00 PM - 6:45 PM
Sundays 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


1. Do I love God above all else? Do I put anything ahead of Him: money, power, sex? Blamed Him when I was dissatisfied?
2. Have I sworn falsely? Used profanity?
3. Have I attended Mass on Sunday? Prayed often?
4. Do I respect my parents and all in authority? Been critical of them? Do I support my parents if they need it?
5. Have I injured or endangered anyone by anger, drunkenness or carelessness? Have I used drugs or alcohol to excess?
6. Have I been pure in thought, word or deed? Had an abortion? Advised, procured or participated in one?
7. Have I stolen? Damaged property? Given to the Church?
8. Have I lied about anyone? Damaged anyone's reputation?
9. Have I been jealous or envious? Been mean or petty toward those who have more than I?
10. Have I respected the marriage bonds of others even in my thoughts?

Anointing of the Sick

Every Catholic has the right to ask for this Holy Sacrament. So it is very important that we have family consent from the family members to perform this Rite.
Please call Parish Office for more information: (323) 737- 3325

Holy Matrimony

To assist you in a proper formation, we ask of you to please have the following in mind:


1. Newly issue copies of the BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE (with address)



4. WITNESSES, two per person, who can attest to the freedom of the parties to marry (Affidavit of Free Status for Marriage).
A. If the previous spouse is deceased, a copy of the death certificate is to be inserted in the pre-nuptial papers.
B. If a prior marriage received a dissolution or declaration of nullity, the proper information is to be inserted in the pre-nuptial file.
C. If the parties were civilly married, a copy of the civil record of the marriage is to be included for con validation.


7. NAME OF TWO SPONSORS (who will be present during the rehearsal and the day of wedding to serve as witnesses)

8. Pay a $500 QUOTA when registered with the parish (either bride to be or groom to be). A $700 QUOTA will be imposed when not register. This quota is set in place to cover the cost of the decorations and music.

-We ask of you to please present the above requirements promptly so there is no inconvenience.
-We will call you 2 weeks in advance to notify you the date and time of the rehearsal. (Parents, if possible, the sponsors, and all those who want to take part in the celebration in any form need to take assist the rehearsal)

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