St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church

Pastor: Fr. Mario Torres
Associate Pastor: Fr. Javier Jara
Associate Pastor: Fr. Jorge Soto
Deacons: Daniel Bernal
School Principal: Adrian Cuevas (323) 737-4730
Director of Religious Education: Claudia Marin- Austin (323) 737-5624 fax: (323) 737-2665
Confirmation/ RCIA: Ana Dinora Gonzalez (323) 737-0239
Social Services: Maria Echeverria (323) 737-3325


Parish Office

Parish Office Address: 2727 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90006
Parish Office Phone Number: (323)737-3325
Office Hours: Monday- Friday 9 am to 12 pm & 1 pm- 8 pm/ Sunday 8 am- 8 pm
Office Secretary: Lorena Zepeda

Associate Pastors

Reverend Javier Jara Ramos was ordained a priest  by the Archdiocese of Guadalajara on the 4th of June, 1995. Throughout his pastoral service, Rev. Javier has been assigned to eight parishes; six in which he has been the Associate Pastor and two in which he has served as the Primary Pastor. Recently, with an agreement with the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Father Javier was appointed a Missionary by His Eminence Cardinal Jose Francisco Robles Ortega.